Cicada EVWE1000 w/camera

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The black Cicada HD Camera Drone from Elanview allows you to control flight via your smart device and shoot HD videos and 16MP images both indoors and outdoors without the need of a separate transmitter. Built-in GPS and barometer functions offer precise control and monitoring of position and altitude. It allows you control the drone with virtual sticks, a virtual keypad, or with a gravity sensor. You can also store images onboard or use Wi-Fi to stream them directly to your device.

Elegant Design
  • Elegant matte black and brushed chrome ABS body
  • Strong & light body provides damage protection for onboard electronics and sleek look
  • Built-in GPS and barometer functions for precise control and monitoring of position and altitude
Captures Sharp Images & Videos
  • Features a 169° fisheye lens with a fixed F/2.8 aperture
  • Camera angle adjustable from 0° to 15° manually or by flight attitude
  • Advanced EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizing) system, cushioned camera mount, and vibration-dampening rubber grommets keep image quality high and details sharp
  • Videos are stored in high-definition 1080p, while photos are stored as 16MP images
Simple Operating System
  • Simple onscreen controls make basic flying tasks convenient
  • A slide button lets you turn power on and off, while others let you take off, land, and return home with an easy push-button
  • Three flight control options: Key mode (four-direction virtual keys), Joystick mode (traditional joystick), and Gravity mode (control your drone by your gestures)

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